Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Adventure Begins

Beautiful sunny day today, and they're off!

Earlier: the van is packed and all ready to go.

We had to start with two major setbacks, sadly leaving both Mick Claridge and Denese behind as their last minute medical checks meant they were not signed off for travel.  Denese was prescribed a few weeks' quiet rest for her hand and Mick has an operation next week to repair his torn bicep tendon (neither of these injuries were due to cycling by the way!)  Mick and Denese will be missed and we wish them a good and speedy recovery. The main worry is that Malcolm has started googling "massage for dummies" so who knows what will happen. 

We made it to Newhaven in good time and had a very smooth crossing to Dieppe. Our hotel was on the outskirts just a short drive away from the port and well placed for our 9 hour drive all the way across France. Then we cross into Spain for our overnight stop at Oiartzun (San Sebastian) near to the start of our cycle route.

Mike Burton